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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Not only am I the president, I'm a member too.

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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

With Love, Philadelphia

Philly has a lot to offer.  Tourists seem to get that.  One of the reasons is our extremely successful With Love campaign.  It is clever and funny; but it is not directed towards that special group of people called Philadelphians.

I love this city.  My artwork would not be the same if I lived anywhere else.   While I appreciate the campaigning to attract others here, I think we need to spend some time getting Philadelphians to respect and love the city they call home too.  People don't call it Filthadelphia for no reason.  I am continually shocked at  the sheer number of residents who trash the streets and see their litter as somebody else's problem.  Our city is rated in the top 5 dirtiest cities in America every year.  And it all starts with one kid throwing one bag of chips on the ground and nobody telling him that his actions are wrong.

Last night, Huggie took a stand:

Now I know what you are thinking, "Did Huggie attach that with binder clips?".  Of course not. That was just to keep it in place while the industrial grade adhesive dried.  But this story has a sad ending. This sign didn't even last 24 hours before somebody managed to rip it down.  Do you know what they did with it?  They left it on the fucking ground on top of a pile of cinderblocks, bags and other trash that have been cultivating on the spot.  

Somebody obviously did not get the message.  Or maybe they did and left it is a message for me.  Either way I learned two things from this:

1.  I am not giving up.  More of these signs will be flooding the neighborhood.
2.  I need some advice for a better adhesive.