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Monday, June 17, 2013

A Faustian Bargain

                                                   Soul seeker seeking you.  

Calling all dreamers and risk takers.  Ballers-in-training and wanna be movers and shakers.  Need cash now?  Do you desire to be wealthy and powerful without all the labor or luck? How about being a famous rockstar or wealthy producer? …. Is your sex-tape not attracting enough attention?

If you like to live life in the now, are not particularly fond of details or worried about the eternal torment   of your heirs…. then do we have a deal for you!  For a limited time only trade in that tired soul of yours in exchange for all your Earthly desires.   Cash on delivery with no questions asked.  Be a virtuoso overnight!

Visit our flagship store located at the crossroads of highways 1 and 8 in Rosedale, Mississippi.  Or if you are looking for something closer to home try out our new pop-up store located at the crossroads of Somerset and Kensington in the city of brotherly love.

Don't let a little brimstone and fire in the afterlife keep you from achieving your dreams in the now life.