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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Right Awn!

For better or for worse, South Philly is changing.  With new neighbors come new stores and new ideas.  The old way of life is slowly disappearing yet recent transplants still can have a hard time fitting in with the old guard.  Yeah, you can try abandoning the privacy of your backyard in favor of the communal common space of your stoop.  You can try "fancyfying' your window with popcorn decorations and ugly vases.  You can even try screaming at friends down the block rather than knocking on their door.  But it probably will not work.

The fact is my friends, awnings are king in South Philadelphia.  If your voice can't make it to the end of the  street, have your house be heard from the top of the block.  Rent an awning, because a little bit of shade goes a long way.

philly shit

Oh yeah.  We customize them too.  Loud and proud!