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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

We do do dat Voodoo

The charm of big city living sometime runs dry. Madame Huggie can help!

 Do your neighbors keep you up blasting cumbias till dawn?  Does Mrs. Ruth's "darling angel" terrorize your block with his ATV gang?  Is neighbor Scoops leaving puppy poops on your stoop?

You've tried the police and you've tried being polite.  Shoot, you might have lost your temper and gave them nuisance neighbors a piece of your mind.  But if you really want to drive away the neighbors for good, contact Madame Huggie's Hexing Service.  For the low-low price of your first born child, we guarantee a supernatural eviction and peace of mind for you and your entire family. Well…almost your entire family.

Call today, before someone calls Madame Huggie on you!

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