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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Guerilla Anti-Marketing?

South Philly has become blighted with guerilla adverts.  Shady individuals hawking everything from "Cash for Diabetic Strips" to "Skydiving" have been relentless in their quest to wallpaper South Philly's working class neighborhoods.  Honestly, who would trust a skydiving company that nailed a plastic sign on the corner of 5th and Morris?  "Why skydiving does sound like a great idea honey.  Let's call the number on that ugly ass tacky sign by the abandoned house and sign up today".

Fortunately somebody stepped up who is ready to battle the masses of the uninspired blight clogging up our streets. For better or for worse Gorilla Upskirts presents Guerilla Anti-Marketing:

( I actually heard that Mrs. Huggie is an amazing cook )


  1. Nice job on the signs.
    So, Did you find "Monty"?

  2. Sadly our beloved pup is still missing

  3. You should leave the phone numbers up on some of the altered signs. That would be hilarious!